Scott Pitcher

Company Founder, Managing Broker

Born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Kokomo, Indiana, Scott Pitcher graduated from Taylor High School in 1972. He worked at the Chrysler Transmission Plant for 4 years before purchasing Higbee Auto Body Co., which he sold 4 years later. In late 1982 he founded Amber Electric, an electrical contracting business, and Brandon Buildings, Inc., a holding company for several small properties. Both companies bear his children's names.

In 1987, at the age of 33, his belief in Kokomo inspired him to purchase the city's 100-year-old, dilapidated 18,000 sq. ft. City Building for $35,000 and thus entered the general contracting business. In his "maverick" style he developed this abandoned architectural gem into a business office complex covering almost an entire city block. The complex includes two office buildings, two-pair of 2,500 lb. hand-carved stone lions poised on pedestals, landscaping and private parking. This first project became a masterpiece and the benchmark of Pitcher's high quality work. It is the keystone for Kokomo's downtown revival.