Storybook Express

Storybook Express

Kokomo, IN

The “fairy tale” that was brought to Kokomo at the corner of Sycamore and Apperson streets. The building is what Fortune Companies Inc. calls storybook architecture. Scott Pitcher described this kind of architecture as “whimsical in nature,” as well as environmentally friendly.

​The wall lines Apperson Way. Shards of colored glass pop out in various places mixed in with jutted slabs of concrete, sticking out at odd angles. “We could have put up a little white picket fence and be done with it,” Pitcher said. But, they wanted to do something a little different.

​The material for the building and the wall comes from all over the state, Pitcher said. “A lot of the (material) is from schools that have been torn down across the state,” he said. Brownstone is being used in the construction as well, which came from the fire station that was torn down at Dixon and Sycamore streets, he said.

​Pitcher said one unique aspect of the project is how Kokomo-based it is. The glass in the wall comes from Kokomo Opalescent Glass. Kokomo craftsman construct the entire infrastructure, and other members of the community will work on the project as well. “It will be one of the gateways to downtown,” Pitcher said. “It enhances the downtown, and we’ve gotten a lot of positive responses.”

​This kind of architecture isn’t unique to Kokomo. Pitcher constructed another building like this on Markland Avenue. “This is something that is not your standard type of work,” Pitcher said. “We want something that creates a little landmark. This is not a very large building but will draw attention and will be a noticeable gateway. That is the goal we were hoping to achieve-different,” Pitcher said.

​Data Source: Kokomo Perspective

​Project used Repurposed Materials